How to Buy Designer Evening Dresses Online


When it comes to choosing the perfect designer formal dresses, you should always look for those that offer a stunning silhouette, gorgeous fabric, ideal fit and incredible style. From cocktail to gown length, there is a dress for you and one that will turn heads.

Let’s be honest; there are a huge number of choices out there, but the best designer evening dresses online will adhere to some simple and essential rules of style. Here are our favourite tips by My Fashion House:


Know Your Body Shape

Every figure on the planet has both great and not so great features, and by understanding and respecting your body type, you will shop designer dresses that flatter all your amazing parts. Style experts believe that as women, we fit into one of four basic shapes: Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear and Inverted Triangle.

The Hourglass body features a defined waistline with your hips and busts pretty even in size. You can wear the more form-fitting designer formal dresses and styles like wrap tops that hug your curves. High necklines should be avoided along with super low necklines that show off too much cleavage.

The Rectangle is a slim shape where your bust and hips are around the same size. To define your waist, shop designer dresses with peplum styles that exaggerate this area and fill out to create a more curvy shape. Belts, bows and embellishment details also offer rounder contours to your straight up and down figure.

The Pear figure is a triangle shape where your hips are wider than your shoulders. You can flatter in designer formal dresses with a wrap style to highlight the bust or even off-the-shoulder pieces or strapless to focus on the decollete area. A little flare on the bottom will create an hourglass silhouette.

For the Inverted Triangle figure, your shoulder and/or bust are larger than your hips. Buy designer dresses online that features a style that defines or nips in the waist. An evening dress with a fitted bodice and flared bottom is very attractive. A fuller bottom with more details, draping and volume will help balance out the broader top.

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Pick A Pretty Color

Shopping for designer evening dresses online shouldn’t be a frightening experience or one that requires a college degree in fashion. When you’ve got the silhouette down and know what accentuates your body shape, then colour plays a major role.

You want to select a shade that you absolutely love and one that enhances both your individual skin tone and hair colour. The right shade of dress will make the outfit, add sophistication and glamour and allow you to feel confident and comfortable.

When you shop designer dresses, you will instantly know the colour you need for the occasion. You will be drawn to it and want it. Trust your instincts on colour; you know yourself best.

Accessories Matter Too

As you buy designer dresses online, don’t forget to consider your shoes and bag. The clutch is the ultimate piece to carry your beauty essentials. It’s a classic, timeless design and adds chicness and polish to your evening attire. The clutch comes in a wide variety of colours, textures and shapes.

Footwear can also make or break any elegant affair, so forego the sneakers as a trendy and humorous addition. Think heels, heels and heels because they not only flatter every woman’s shape but add height and show off your garment in the very best possible way.

Sleek and minimal shoe/sandal styles with ankle straps are always perfect.

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