How to Choose Lipstick Color Based on Dress Color


Knowing how to choose lipstick color is easier when you keep in mind that special outfit or favorite clothing color. Everyone who has shopped for a new lip color knows how overwhelming the decision can be. Here are some easy tips to remember that will make selecting the right color less frustrating and more enjoyable.


First – A few rules. Keep your skin tone in mind. Knowing whether your skin has more pink or yellow undertones helps you to immediately eliminate a number of shades. If you are not sure what undertones your skin has, think about your jewelry choices. Do you look better in gold jewelry? You probably have yellowish or olive undertones. If silver looks better on you, you likely have ivory or pink undertones. The lucky ones who look equally good in both are neutral and have a wider variety to choose from.

Second – Balance a bold lip with a neutral eye and cheek and a smoky eye with a paler lip color.

Finally – Make sure your lips are well-conditioned to make application smoother and color last longer.

Now comes the fun part!fashion-823512_960_720

1. Classic neutral red lipstick for black dress is foolproof for any skin tone. Remember to line your lips first with a matching liner to keep lipstick from bleeding. Deep shades of plum or berry for pink skin tones or juicy raisin for olive complexions are great options for an elegant evening look.

Daytime lip color choices for a black dress include delicate pale pink or nude. More adventurous types can up their game by choosing a sunny coral for a great pop of unexpected color.


2. When choosing makeup for a red dress, keep the shade of the red in mind. Reds can be blue or orange and the makeup for a red dress should reflect this. Keep your eyes and cheeks neutral to really play up the color. Red shades with a hint of blue include varieties of berry and plum. Orange red wearers should try a yummy tangerine.

A great all purpose shade of red that works with all skin tones is caramel with a hint of rosy red. The brown of the caramel eases the intensity of the red without losing any of the great color.

3. Whether you are wearing sweet bubblegum or hot fuchsia, the right makeup for a pink dress will up your fashion game. An easy choice is to match the color. But where is the fun in that? For a retro look, try a very pale nude or white lipstick. Really dramatic types can go with purple, balanced with a neutral eye and cheek. Other great choices are salmon, especially for olive skin, and taupe, a great color for everyone.


4. Use a gloss shop online like Tuya Cosmetics to complete your look. If you’re a little nervous about a bolder color, try it as a gloss. You will still have color, just a little less saturated.

Now you’re ready to dazzle the world!

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