Target Stores in Australia Really Understand Women’s Bodies


A creative and classy advertising campaign launched by retail store chain Target in Australia is being acclaimed for its use of full-figured and middle-aged models.

The lingerie campaign, which made its debut before Valentine’s Day, portrays models of different ethnic backgrounds, ages and sizes, a far cry from the fashion industry standard of using young fitness models.

Target not only chose women whose bodies are closer to reality; the retail giant also featured a beautiful middle-aged woman whose cascading gray hair and comfortable demeanor have resonated among Australians.

Diversity, Accessibility and Relevance

The campaign, which includes digital photos and videos, has elicited thousands upon thousands of positive comments from social media denizens who compliment the move by Target. The comments explain that the curvy models look real and make shoppers feel good instead of envious or insecure.

A spokesperson from Target was interviewed by a major British newspaper about the campaign. It so happens that the company is interested in celebrating diversity by showing customers that the fashion can be attractive while at the same time being accessible and relevant.

In the past, Target Australia has also used non-traditional models for fashion advertising. The company’s swimsuit catalog, which was published in late 2015, featured female models of various sizes, and plus-sized swimwear was highlighted.

An Inclusive Campaign

The lingerie and swimsuit campaigns are part of an advertising strategy that Target has been conducting in Australia since mid-2015. The company’s Every Body campaign started with store mannequins that could be fitted with size 16 garments. Target followed the Every Body campaign with known plus-sized models before featuring an even greater diversity of women.

Target’s Every Body campaign has been hailed as a triumph of modern marketing, especially since it was created in response to an online petition that complained about the company’s previous choice of ultra-skinny models.

The campaign that prompted Target to change its marketing methodology was a fashion spread for its Dion Lee line of casual attire. That campaign featured a tall and very thin model whose looks sparked outrage among many Australians. That Dion Lee campaign was accused of promoting anorexic lifestyles; since then, the company has decided to display a more quotidian style of body image.

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