What to Wear as a Real Estate Agent :Let’s Dress for Success


There is proper dress for every profession. However, many of these wardrobe decisions relate to your work location and your colleagues. This can be particularly tricky for real estate agents. These people have to deal with both of these variables. First, real estate professionals interact with all types of people. Second, real estate personnel visit a wide collection of different properties. How do you navigate this potential minefield of wardrobe choices? Thankfully, keeping a few principles in mind will help you out.


Professional Style



If you are showing high quality homes or any commercial property, men should wear a suit. The suit should be in a conservative color of gray, black, or navy. Pinstripes are fine, but they should be subtle. White and colored shirts are appropriate, but steer away from flashy or shiny colors. You may chose colors that are seasonally appropriate. The tie should match the shirt, but do not wear any novelty ties. Women can wear pant suits of a similar color. They can also wear skirts, but all skirts should be knee length or only slightly higher depends on their body.


Casual Outfits


Construction sites or lower cost properties can be visited in business casual attire. This includes slacks and polo shirts. If you chose to wear a tie, make sure you match it with a sports coat or a blazer. Women may wear slacks and appropriate tops. Men may wear jeans to a construction property, however it is best practice to pair it with a blazer. Women may wear jeans to a construction site as well. The top may be a sweater or any casual item of clothing with buttons.


Office Attire


Office attire may be business casual or professional. Much will be determined by the consensus of the colleagues in your office. However, when meeting with clients in your office, you should return to the professional attire mentioned above.




You will attend plenty of social gatherings in the real estate profession. For picnics, shorts or slacks and polo shirts are appropriate. Other occasions will require either business casual, professional, or even formal wear. Simply make sure you understand the nature of the gathering before you dress.


Business Photos


All real estate agents will need a professional business photo to be included on identification badges, business cards, real estate signs, websites, and more. In your business photo, you should be professionally dressed. There are no exceptions. Men should wear a dark suit and a white shirt. Women should wear an outfit involving a type of blazer in a conservative color. For men, ties should be blue or red. Blue is a safe, conservative color. Red suggests authority and power. The color you select should represent how you view your performance in your chosen field.


Follow these steps to avoid fashion disaster in the real estate profession. Remember, real estate professionals generally work off of commission. You will always want to look your best for that next big sale. Once you are successful, you even expand your career by applying to be a real estate manager.


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